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The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar Music 

The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar

The guitar has been becoming more and more popular for centuries. It is considered to be the most played instrument of our time. One of the reasons is its versatility. On the market, there are many different types of guitar that are suitable for all different ages and musical backgrounds. Acoustic guitar isn’t similar to other kinds. Its sound depends on the shape and structure of the body. Normally, the acoustic guitar is made of wood. There are many types of acoustic guitars below

Classical guitars

The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar

It is a good guitar to start learning guitar for beginners. It is the classic look and style of the modern guitar. Its strings are made of nylon. They create hearty sounds that are warm, comfortable, and inviting. It is suitable to play in a sitting position.

Flamenco guitars

The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar 2

This type of guitar is also classic like the classical guitar. However, its sound is not similar to the classical guitar. They are typically crisper and thinner than the classic style sound.


It’s similar to classical guitars about the sound. However, its body is bigger. Because it’s made of steel, it is more resilient and durable. The quality of its sound is nicer and warmer than the classical guitar.

12-string guitars

The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar 3The guitar has 12 strings instead of 6 strings. Therefore, the most difference between it and others is the number of the string. It produces a different sound where it can  produce more sound than a guitar.


The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar 4

It’s like the steel-top guitar because of using steel to resonate the sound. That creates a distinct sound. Therefore, it is usually played in music evoking a lot of emotion and feeling like blues music. There are even more variations within this guitar. It comes with the square-neck resonator played on the lap.

Acoustic Bass

The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar 5

This is a mix between the acoustic guitar and the modern electric guitar. The acoustic bass guitar uses the body to create the sound instead of using electronic pick-ups like the classical acoustic guitar. They usually have four strings, but sometimes they can have five or six strings.


The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar 6It uses a dreadnought that creates a common acoustic guitar style. It has 14-fret necks, wide waists, and its square bouts. This guitar was developed in 1916 until now. It produces a powerful and driving sound, so it suits for bluegrass guitarists.

Travel and Mini acoustics

They are good for smaller players, especially parents usually shop for their children. They’re designed for the comfort of smaller players. Besides, they are also convenient for playing when traveling. Although their body is smaller, their sounds don’t impact on their quality as well as their sound. They are designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to pack.


Buying an acoustic guitar can be an overwhelming experience. Different types of the acoustic guitars can be made with a wide range of woods, design elements, hardware, and other factors. Therefore, you need to consider when buying. Through the article, you can know about the feature of each type that helps you easily choose the best one.

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