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Fingerstyle Basic Techniques Guitar Techniques 

Fingerstyle Basic Techniques

In this article we will be looking at another composition of mine simply called Fingerstyle Basic Techniques, which was specifically written for Guitar Interactive. This piece includes a few different techniques such as the use of double-stops, triple-stops, syncopated bass line, natural harmonics, but also extended harmony, most of which gravitates around the A major key, with the occasional modal interchange (borrowing chords from the parallel key A minor and more). And specially, you can do all things with only a best guitar for beginners such as Yamaha FG700S or Seagull…

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Guitar Gems from John Stix Music 

Guitar Gems from John Stix

Written by Mike Bloomfield John Stix searches the web for choice guitar gems that you may have overlooked in the vast universe of Internet videos. Wine by Electric Flap at the Monterey Pop Festival I’m on a Mike Bloomfield kick. Bloomfield is the American equivalent of England’s Peter Green. Both of these guys are killer Blues guitarists with talent and style enough to make them major guitar heroes. Yet somehow in the 1960’s era of guitar greats, they remained at least partially in the shadows. Because of character flaws both…

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Thank You Scientist – The Favourite Band in the World Music 

Thank You Scientist – The Favourite Band in the World

Neither Tom Monda, nor his band, Thank You Scientist, are exactly on the tip of everyone’s tongue just yet, but watch this space. No lesser being than Ron `Bumblefoof Thal has singled them out for serious attention and e cursory examination of the band’s and for our purposes in particular – of guitarist Tom Month, soon shows why Born in New Jersey in 1985, Tom Mona is a man who shows creativity and talcnt way beyond his years. Listening twilit Dad’s punk and metal collection, Tom picked up his first…

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The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar Music 

The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitar

The guitar has been becoming more and more popular for centuries. It is considered to be the most played instrument of our time. One of the reasons is its versatility. On the market, there are many different types of guitar that are suitable for all different ages and musical backgrounds. Acoustic guitar isn’t similar to other kinds. Its sound depends on the shape and structure of the body. Normally, the acoustic guitar is made of wood. There are many types of acoustic guitars below Classical guitars It is a good…

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